My Purpose

This is the first time I have ever blogged.  I have however had a passion for writing for a long…long time.  So why the title “TheMeltingThought2000”?  Well, the 2000 part is because TheMeltingThought was already taken and 2000 sounded like a cool suffix!

Imagine a cauldron of thoughts and ideas mending and fusing together into one common area where there are no measuring of egos, clashing of opinions or name calling.  What I would like to achieve here is clarity of thought.  There are people in my life who hold different religious, political and moral values than I do.  If I spent all my time arguing with them trying to convince them that my views were the only correct views I would be accomplishing nothing.  During my short three plus decades on this earth, I have experienced change from one idea to another.  There were times when I have thought one way and through experience, conversing with others, meditation and perspective, I have been convinced otherwise that my original thinking was either wrong or should be built upon.

I do believe in absolute truth.  That there is no grey area between right and wrong or good an evil.  However, a thought isn’t true and it isn’t false.  It just is.  A thought is just an abstract idea floating around in people’s heads waiting for a challenge, clarification or to be built upon or added onto.  It is when thoughts converge on a common ground with no biases or prejudges that they begin to resemble their intentions.  Truth is intangible like love, hate, passion, eagerness, elation or many other emotions we humans experience.  Truth can only be spoken or thought of, not physically handled like a drinking glass.

Some of you might not even truly know why you believe what you believe.  You were just taught as a child that certain things are wrong and you have followed that principle without really knowing why.  Or maybe you heard an opinion from someone you looked up to and have considered that as truth even though you have never extensively studied it.  I want you as a reader to now open up your mind and think for yourself.  Don’t let other’s opinions dictate how you live your life.  Instead, take from other’s opinions and philosophies what you consider as useful and according to your morals and values, align your life accordingly.

I want this blog to be a healthy common-ground where people can discuss an idea and either gain insight on each other’s opinions or build on them.  I’ll bet there are many more people out there who think they are in disagreement but actually think a lot alike.  If they would cease arguing, pointing fingers and measuring their philosophical “height”, they would realize that they are more alike than they know.  Clarity is the key.  Knowing in depth why someone believes what they believe is what needs to be done.  As I said before, arguing accomplishes nothing.  It only breaks apart friendships and demotes one’s maturity level.  However, intimately knowing the opposing opinion to the point that one can play the devil’s advocate is what I want to accomplish.

There will be several outcomes to reading this blog: 1) entertainment – I think reading should not only be for dissecting one’s mind but for enjoyment as well.  I guarantee that you will have fun reading my blog, 2) emboldening one’s values – I would like some of you to read my words and feel empowered, equipped, like they can take on the world with what they’ve learned and 3) clarity– as I have stated over and over, I want the reader to have an in depth look at how I view things especially if they disagree with my viewpoints.

And maybe, just maybe, I can plant a seed in my reader’s minds where they can go out and reach people whom I am incapable of reaching.  One more final thought: I cannot change your thinking.  I might not even want to.  You as a reader are the only controller of your mind.  You were born with an ingrained free-will.  My hope is that you as a reader will use my blog as a tool to exercise your free-will.  Now go forth my apprentices and melt your thoughts!


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