Ephesians Chapter 2

Today’s reading: Ephesians 2 Parts That Stood Out –  Saved by grace, not by works– 2:8-10 Summary of the reading: The first part of chapter 2 talks about the progression of a Christian.  First we start out as being deceived by evil and then we were saved by grace.  In the final part of the … More Ephesians Chapter 2

Sports Metaphors we Live by

A metaphor is an expressed figure of speech that characterizes an object by alleging that it is, using any point of comparability, similar or the same as a subject someone might not understand.  A metaphor is a kind of analogy and is very similar to other associated figures of speech that derive their developments from affiliation, correlation or similarities including allegory, hyperbole … More Sports Metaphors we Live by

Ephesians Chapter 1

Today’s reading: Ephesians 1 Parts that stood –  Who the Holy Spirit is– 1:13-14 Summary of the reading: The first part of the book is Paul’s greeting to Ephesus.  He then goes into detail about the believers in Christ in the heavenly realms.  The Greek words of “heavenly realms” can be translated into “heavenly things”.  … More Ephesians Chapter 1