Ephesians Chapter 2

Today’s reading: Ephesians 2

Parts That Stood Out

–  Saved by grace, not by works– 2:8-10

Summary of the reading:

The first part of chapter 2 talks about the progression of a Christian.  First we start out as being deceived by evil and then we were saved by grace.  In the final part of the chapter, Paul talks about us becoming citizens of heaven.  Because we accepted God’s free gift of salvation, we have been made a part of His kingdom.

Personalizing the reading:

It is by mercifulness you have been saved.  It was done through faith, not by yourself.  It is the gift of God, not by works so that no one can brag of themselves.  This small verse has been looked over by so many people.  We are saved only by the grace of God.  We don’t have to perform any works to get approved or to earn our salvation from God.  It is true that through our works, God’s aspects are seen on earth.  They help out a lot but you can go your whole life without performing any work and still be saved.  Some of the religions who believe this are the Mormons and the Muslims.  The Mormons actually believe that if they perform more works on earth, they can live in a more elevated part of heaven.  The religion of Islam is totally depended on works.  Their god, Allah, is not a gracious, merciful god.  Everything they do on earth depends on their safe passage to their paradise.  The people of these religions are burdened with the fact that what they have done on earth is never good enough for their god.  However, my God is a God of mercy and through that, He has saved me.  What I do on earth does matter to Him but it doesn’t determine my passage to heaven.


Lord, thank you for saving me despite all my shortcomings.  Your grace has made me your son, not my own works.  Thank you for not expecting that of me.  I will serve you with my works but because you have saved me by your mercy, it makes me want to serve you willingly not out of obligation. 


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