A True Hero – Timothy Mossbrucker

This is a post from my blog section “Profiles of True Heroes – Military and Law Enforcement“.  I love to go cycling.  As I started getting serious about it, I decided to name my routes after people – and who better to dedicate my routes to than the heroes in military and law enforcement?  

After completing a route, I would select a hero I had heard about and then write about them.  There are three types of people in this post: some gave their service for America and served in the armed forces.  Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  And some protected the local community and died in the line of duty.  

After their story, I included information about the route I dedicated to these heroes.  I hope you can learn more about them and gain an understanding of what they have done for us.

JSCO, Sgt. Timothy Mossbrucker

This route is dedicated to Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Timothy Mossbrucker.  Tim was a patrol sergeant.

38609123_124563519829On April 28, 1995, Sergeant Mossbrucker was shot and killed as he was responding to an active shooting scene at an Albertson’s in Littleton, CO.  Before he was able to exit his patrol car, he was fatally shot.  The suspect was apprehended and later committed suicide while in jail.

Sergeant Mossbrucker was only 36 years old and had served with JCSO since he was 19.  At the time of his death, he and his wife had 3 sons and 2 daughters.  His wife later gave birth to their fourth son.

April 28, 2015 was the 20th year anniversary of Tim’s death.  The following is a reflection letter written by his widow:

Dear Tim,

As we approach the 20th anniversary of your [end of watch], I find myself slipping back to the familiar darkness I visit every spring since 4/28/95. Today I spent some time looking through newspaper clippings from the day you were murdered, the days that followed and your funeral.

The enormity of the pain inflicted on us and the horror of the wounds inflicted on you is still hard to grasp. I did not know how to go on living. With time I found a way.

Please know that I attempt to honor you every day of my life and carry your memory and memories of our life together with me always.

‘Pain forever, but the broken heart still beats.’ 

I love you, Tim, and miss you more than words can express.

Lynn Mossbrucker
April 19, 2015″

I am a former deputy with JCSO and worked in detentions for only a year. However, during academy (2004-01 baby!), the memory of Sgt. Mossbrucker was instilled in us. I remember for PT jogging by the memorial for the fallen deputies. Although I never met Sgt. Mossbrucker, several of the academy administrative staff knew him well and made sure his memory lived on.  Let it continue to live on as each person reads this!


Distance: 27 miles

Duration: 2 hours, 39 minutes

Average Pace: 10.3 mph

Date: 12/18/2013

This route started out as an experiment to see if the ice on the paths had melted and you can tell by the distance that there was little to no ice! The whole route was consisted of a combo of 7 greenbelts (Big Dry Creek, Highline Canal, Centennial, Columbine, Railroad Spur, Mary Carter Greenway and Lee Gulch)! 1795 calories burned, 60 miles in December and a total of 327.2 since August 2013!






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