Mistborn Reading Guide-Part XII – Characters


Mistborn is a sci-fi/fantasy trilogy written by author Brandon Sanderson.  The series is really hard to describe but what I’ve said to others is that it’s like a collision between The Lord of the Rings and X-Men.

As an avid reader, I am picky about who I read.  When I was introduced to Brandon Sanderson and finished reading Mistborn, I placed him as one of my top 3 favorite authors.  He knows how to introduce and develop characters, he maintains a strong storyline and he captures the reader’s imagination.

As I read through the books, I gathered information about the world of Scadrial, the characters in the books and the science behind the three mysterious super-human abilities Sanderson created.

Spoiler Alert


This post is about the characters created by Brandon Sanderson


Kelsier or Kell 

  • The Survivor of Hathsin”, “The Survivor” or “Lord of the Mists” – a skaa Mistborn, leader of the Skaa Rebelion

Who He Was

  • Played by Chris Hemsworth or James Marsden (left to right)
    Played by Chris Hemsworth or James Marsden (left to right)

    Kelsier and his brother Marsh are the sons of a noble father and a skaa mother

  • When his father discovered the truth of their parentage, he had their mother executed and attempted to do the same to the brothers, who fled
  • This created a sense of resentment of the nobility in both children, which resulted in Marsh becoming the leader of the Skaa Rebellion and Kelsier becoming a crew leader for a gang of Misting thieves, stealing from the noble families
  • Kelsier fell in love with a tineye crew member named Mare, whom he later married
  • Marsh, who was also in love with Mare, came to resent Kelsier for winning her love and for constantly out-shadowing him
  • Kelsier then made it his ultimate goal to defeat the Lord Ruler but failed in his first attempt
  • During this failed attempt, he and Mare were both thrown into the Pits of Hathsin to die
  • While in the Pits after Mare was murdered by Inquisitors, Kelsier snapped and discovered his Mistborn abilities
  • He was recognized by distinctive scars running down both arms from his time in the Pits, thus one of his namesakes – The Survivor of the Pits
  • He was the only known skaa to have escaped the Pits
  • After being trained by another Mistborn, he escaped the Pits of Hathsin
  • He then began recruiting and organizing another crew so he could again try and form another Skaa Rebellion

Kelsier as a Mistborn (left) and young Kelsier (right)

  • He discovered Vin and that she was a Mistborn; He then trained and groomed her into the Mistborn she became
  • Because of this, he became sort of a father figure for Vin
  • Kelsier was killed by the Lord Ruler at the end of the first Mistborn book
  • The Church of the Survivor was a “cult” whose doctrine was formed after Kelsier’s beliefs and flourished in Scadrial (mostly in Urteau) after Kelsier’s death

Physical Description

  • He was in his mid-30s
  • He had blonde hair


  • Kelsier was brave, charismatic and optimisticdd300dc6870760c57ccd5e5680795931
  • As a natural leader, he used his charismatic personality to draw skilled and loyal Mistings to his own crew and eventually to lead an army to destroy the Final Empire
  • Optimistic to a fault, Kelsier claimed that he smiled solely because laughter was the only thing that the Lord Ruler could not take from them
  • His cheerful exterior hid his doubts over Mare’s loyalty, whom he continued to believe had betrayed him
  • Finally Vin demonstrated that it was possible to pierce Copperclouds and changed Kelsier’s perspective that his wife had betrayed him
  • Kelsier was also highly impulsive and on one occasion, he attempted to attack an entire army single-handedly
  • He was known to be ruthless and prejudiced, killing nobility and the skaa who serve them with absolutely no qualms
  • He overcame this character flaw eventually when Vin convinced him that there are good people among the nobility


  • skaa tineye Misting who burned tin to enhance her senses

Who She Was

  • Mare was Kelsier’s wife

    Played by Mila Jonovich
    Played by Mila Jonovich
  • Kelsier was first introduced to Sazed through Mare
  • It was revealed that Mare wanted children, although Kelsier did not
  • Mare collected pre-Ascencion memorabilia
  • She also believed in the Larsta religion – a religion in the metalminds of Feruchemists that worshiped nature and poetry
  • She was murdered by Steel Inquisitors in the Pits of Hathsin in front of Kelsier
  • Everyone assumed that during Mare’s final hours, she betrayed Kelsier
  • However, when Vin discovered that it was possible to pierce copperclouds, it was determined that Mare did not betray Kelsier on purpose, as the Lord Ruler simply was able to see her tin burning through the coppercloud

 Physical Description

  • Mare had dark hair (Chapter 17 in Mistborn)


  • She had a resilient stubbornness (Chapter 17 in Mistborn)


  • “Ironeyes” – A skaa seeker Misting who burned copper to see others Allomancy, he was later transformed into an Inquisitor

Who He Was

  • Marsh snapped and became a seeker when Obligators took his and Kelsier’s mother; that was when he vowed to destroy them (Chapter 38 in Mistborn)
  • Played by Liam Hemsworth
    Played by Liam Hemsworth

    Marsh was Kelsier’s older brother (Chapter 6 in Mistborn)

  • He then joined the Skaa Rebellion and started learning all he could about Allomancy
  • He lead the Skaa Rebellion for a time but eventually handed control of it over to Yeden as he felt it was a futile hope to keep fighting
  • He agreed to help Kelsier in his plan to overthrow The Final Empire and the Lord Ruler under the impression that he would die
  • He then spied in the Steel Ministry for a time, before becoming a Steel Inquisitor himself
  • As an Inquisitor, he had the most spikes of all Inquisitors – 20 in all, making him the most powerful of all Inquisitors
  • He then helped defeat the Lord Ruler
  • In The Well of Ascension, the second book, he was slowly corrupted by Ruin
  • In The Hero of Ages, the third book, he was completely controlled by Ruin except for a crucial piece of him that was still self controlled
  • He then broke Ruin’s control at a critical time, allowing him to free Vin, therefore allowing her to gain godhood
  • It was not stated what happened to him at the end of the trilogy
  • However, later it was revealed that he remained alive and active 300 years later in the fourth Mistborn book, The Alloy of Law, due to his ability of Fermuchemy and Allomancy gained by Hemalurgy
  • He was then called Ironeyes and had become a legendary figure

Physical Description

  • Marsh shared Kelsier’s lanky build and blonde hair, was tall and broad-shouldered, had a statuesque rigidity and had a hard, square face (Chapters 6 and 20 in Mistborn)
  • As a skaa, he wore modest clothing – a simple shirt and trousers with a loose skaa jacket (Chapter 6 in Mistborn)


  • Marsh was a serious and no nonsense man

General Demoux

  • seer Misting who burns atium, one of the Generals in Elend’s army

Who He Was

  • Played by Cam Gigandet
    Played by Cam Gigandet

    Demoux was at first a Captain in Kelsier’s army

  • He later became a General in Elend’s army
  • Despite being a part of the Skaa Rebellion, Demoux saw Kelsier as a god and was later a member in the Church of the Survivor
  • He snapped during The Hero of Ages, the third book, by the mists and became a seer, being able to burn atium
  • However, since Demoux suffered the mistsickness for sixteen days, rather than one, he was more likely a full MistbornMistings only needed one day of recovery for each metal

Physical Description

  • He had light tan skin, and a distinctive scar across his scalp (Interlude I-1 in The Way of Kings)


  • Demoux was fiercely loyal to whomever he followed


  • “Dox” – a non-Allomancer skaa rebel

Who He Was

  • Played by Ray Winstone
    Played by Ray Winstone

    Dockson was born a plantation-skaa and lived on a plantation of Lord Devinshae

  • After his girlfriend Kareien had been raped and killed by Lord Devinshae, he escaped the plantation the next evening
  • Dockson was later hired by Kelsier and became his best friend and assistant in the Skaa Rebellion
  • He worked with Kelsier to keep his crew operational
  • He was quite diligent in his duties to ensure the crew had everything they needed
  • Dockson was the only non-Allomancer member of Kelsier’s crew
  • He shared Kelsier’s hatred for the nobility and was chosen by Kelsier to be the Governor of Luthadel after his death
  • However, he was killed by koloss during the Siege of Luthadel

Physical Description

  • He was stocky without being fat, had short dark hair and a customary half beard (Chapter 5 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He had a squarish face
  • Dockson preferred to wear noblemen’s suits and always looked trim


  • He had very strong organizational, administrative and planning skills
  • He was a temperate person, sturdy, calm and stable (Chapter 5 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He was seen as being more “realistic” than Kelsier
  • There was always an edge of humor to him
  • He was sometimes quite stern


  • Master Ladrian” or “The Counselor of gods” – a nobleman soother Misting who burned tin to sooth emotions

Who He Was

  • Played by Timothy Spall
    Played by Timothy Spall

    Breeze worked closely with Kelsier during the Skaa Rebellion

  • He was Ham’s older best friend and liked to argue philosophy with him
  • He was thought by the rest of Kelsier’s crew to be half-skaa but he was actually a full-blooded nobleman who was forced during his youth to hide in the underground
  • After Elend became king, Breeze became one of his foremost counselors and diplomats
  • Breeze was romantically involved with Allriane, Lord Cett’s daughter

Physical Description

  • He dressed sharply in a nobleman’s suit – plum vest, gold buttons, black overcoat – complete with short-brimmed hat and dueling cane (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)
  • He was a bit portly and stocky, has a head of well-styled black hair and was exceptionally well spoken (Chapter 4 in Mistborn and Chapter 4 in The Hero Of Ages)


  • He was manipulative and a little selfish; he joined Kelsier’s crew for the challenge, not because he really wanted
    Breeze in a noble's suit
    Breeze in a noble’s suit

    to help the skaa (Chapter 20 in The Well Of Ascension)

  • He was one of the most powerful, brazen and flagrant soothers in the Final Empire; he could sooth hundreds of men at once, assuming they are packed close enough together and assuming that he was focusing on simple emotions (Chapter 52 in The Well Of Ascension and Chapter 4 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • Most soothers used their powers with discrimination and subtlety, nudging emotions only at the most opportune times. Breeze, however, played with everyone’s emotions.  If they knew what to look for, close friends of his could feel his touch on their own feelings almost all the time when they were near him (Chapter 4 in The Hero Of Ages)



  • “Ham” – a skaa thug Misting who burned pewter for physical strength

Who He Was

  • Played by Craig Fairbrass or Vinnie Jones
    Played by Craig Fairbrass or Vinnie Jones

    Ham had skaa parents – his grandfather was a nobleman (Chapter 42 in The Well Of Ascension)

  • Ham worked closely with Kelsier in the Skaa Underground rebellion
  • His wife (Mardra) was a seamstress who lived in a city outside Luthadel with his two children who he rarely visited (Chapter 24 in Mistborn and Chapter 42 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He spent much of his marriage living apart from his family in order to keep them safe and hidden so that if he was discovered, the Inquisitors wouldn’t go looking for them (Chapter 42 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • As an additional safeguard, Ham never told anyone which town his family lived in
  • During the preparation for the defeat of the Final Empire, Ham took a turn training the skaa army
  • Once the Final Empire was defeated, his family came to live with him at the new palace, the former Keep Venture
  • After the Fall of the Final Empire, he served as Captain of the Guard for Elend Venture, on the condition that he didn’t have to wear a uniform

 Physical Description

  • He had the build of a soldier with impressively muscular but not massive arms and close-cropped hair that stuck up slightly on his head (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)
  • He wore a loose, sleeveless vest that exposed a pair of well sculpted arms (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)
  • His preferred attire is a sleeveless vest, though he added a light shirt in the coldest part of winter


  • He was a kind and humble man and a thinker who loved philosophical debates; very much unlike many thugs
  • His favorite opponent for debating was Breeze, who he complemented


  • “Clubs”a skaa smoker Misting who burned copper to hide other’s Allomancy

Who He Was

  • Played by Michael Rooker or Thomas Haden Church
    Played by Michael Rooker or Thomas Haden Church (left to right)

    Clubs received his Allomancy from his father who was of noble birth

  • Clubs had been in the Lord Ruler’s army and fought in combat off and on for about 20 years when he was younger – fighting rebellions in the distant dominances, warring against the nomads out in the barrens (Chapter 42 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He was hired by Kelsier and worked closely with him in the Skaa Rebellion
  • Before the Fall of the Final Empire, he was a very gifted master carpenter and owned a shop in Luthadel
  • In his shop, he had many apprentices; many of them were other smokers who would help hide Allomancers
  • His apprentices often called him Master Cladent, which was his carpenter’s name
  • After the Fall of the Final Empire, he worked as a General under King Elend (Chapter 6 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He died during the siege of Luthadel when a koloss army attacked

 Physical Description

  • He wore a dull tan overcoat, a pair of brown trousers and a simple white shirt (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)
  • His face was knotted and gnarled like a twisted piece of wood and his eyes shown with the level of disapproving dissatisfaction only the elderly can display (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)
  • It was hard to place his age – he was young enough that he didn’t stoop over, yet old enough that he made even the middle-aged Breeze look youthful (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)
  • He limped when he walked due to an injury he obtained when he was a soldier under the Lord Ruler; thus the nickname Clubs


  • He spoke very bluntly and callously – he wasn’t a pessimist, he just said the things that he didn’t think others wanted to acknowledge (Chapter 46 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He had a remarkable knack for leading soldiers (Chapter 6 in The Well Of Ascension)


  • Listibournes”, “Spook” or “Survivor of the Flames” – a skaa tineye Misting boy who burns tin to enhance his senses, Clubs’ nephew and apprentice

Who He Was

  • He became infatuated with Vin and tried to court her but she did not reciprocate his feelings and instead she became romantically involved with Elend
  • He participated in the crew’s planning sessions but rarely contributed to them
  • During the Skaa Rebellion, Spook was mainly involved as a sentry or lookout for the crew’s hideout
  • The name Spook was given to him by Kelsier
  • When he was a child, his parents (Jedel and Margel) abandoned him and left him with his uncle, Clubs
  • His name, “Listibournes” or “Lestibournes”, was translated from street slang to “Lefting I’m born” or “I’ve been abandoned” (Chapter 24 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • Played by Jamie Bell
    Played by Jamie Bell

    His original name was Jedal, after his father

  • After the Collapse, he worked closely with King Elend as a scout spy
  • During this time, he became an Allomatic Savant, constantly flaring tin in order to complete his spying tasks
  • He had to wear a cloth blindfold over his eyes so he wasn’t blinded by the sunlight – although he could still see because of his Allomatic ability as a tineye
  • In his main mission, he was sent to spy on the city of Urteau and gather information on the new governor, Quellion, and the rebels there


Survivor of the Flames

  • During this mission, Spook was involved in a fight with Quellion’s Allomancers
  • A thug who was standing in front of him was impaled by a spike that pierced through Spook’s skin
  • He then discovered that he could burn pewter and became a local legend among the oppressed people
  • The people of Urteau gave him the nickname “Survivor of the Flames” after he saved some people from a burning building
  • He fell in love with Quellion’s sister Beldre
  • Because he had a spike in him from a thug, Ruin began speaking to him – Spook, however, thought he was hearing the voice of Kelsier
  • Eventually, he removed the spike from his chest and lost his ability to burn pewter
  • He invoked a riot in Urteau and overthrew the government
  • After Sazed gained godhood and became the Hero of Ages, Spook was referred to as the Lord Mistborn
  • It was not clear what his role in that early government was but he was clearly very prominent and powerful, judging by the fact that his Eastern street slang became known as “High Imperial”
  • However, Spook was confirmed to be a “stud” after the Final Ascension having over a dozen children

Physical Description

  • In the first book, Mistborn, he was thin, tall and awkward-looking; perhaps 14-15 years old; although his height might have made him look older than he was (Chapter 6 in Mistborn)
  • He dressed in gray clothing (Chapter 6 in Mistborn)


  • During Mistborn, he was always nervous and spoke in excessive street slang (Chapter 6 in Mistborn)
  • He later began speaking in normal language that everyone could understand
  • In the last book, The Hero of Ages, Spook overcame his shyness and turned into a great leader

OreSeur or Lord Teven Renoux

  • kandra of the Third Generation who worked under a Contract with Kelsier and later Vin

Who He Was

  • Played by David Strathairn or Timothy Hutton
    Played by David Strathairn or Timothy Hutton

    OreSeur possessed the Blessing of Potency that gave him twice the physical strength of a normal human

  • OreSeur was a kandra who impersonated Lord Renoux
  • As Renoux, he lived in House Renoux in the town of Fellise, in the Farmost Dominance, a day’s ride outside Luthadel
  • In Mistborn, he acted as Vin’s uncle when she was disguised as Lady Valette Renoux
  • As Renoux, he kept his eye on Vin and planed to construct a prominent trade route for weapons made in the south to be sold in the north
  • After his host body was killed by an Inquisitor and Kelsier was martyred by the Lord Ruler, OreSeur took on Kelsier’s form and rallied the skaa takeover of Luthadel
  • In The Well of Ascension, the second book, as planned by Kelsier, OreSeur’s contract passed to Vin
  • He was killed and digested by TenSoon, a kandra employed by Zane Venture
  • TenSoon was another kandra of the Third Generation hired by Zane Venture’s father Straff but ordered to follow Zane’s requests

 Physical Description

  • As Lord Renoux, he was thin and aging with a sparse, gray mustache that colored his lip (Chapter 8 in Mistborn)
  • He wore a rich suit and a pair of aristocratic spectacles (Chapter 8 in Mistborn)


  • kandra of the Third Generation who worked as a spy under Contract with Zane Venture

Who He Was

  • TenSoon possessed the Blessing of Presence that gave him greater mental capacity
  • As per his Contract under Zane, he murdered OreSeur and falsely resumed his Contract
  • After murdering OreSeur, he stole his Blessing of Potency that gave him twice the physical strength of a normal human
TinSoon as a wolfhound
TinSoon as a wolfhound
  • TenSoon was the only known kandra to have ever murdered another kandra and thus possessed two Blessings
  • He was believed to be the most powerful kandra to have ever lived
  • TenSoon also became one of the first kandra to have ever impersonate an animal
  • Per Vin’s request, he disguised himself as a large black wolfhound who accompanied her during her nightly patrols of Luthadel during the Siege
  • While in the wolfhound’s body, TinSoon grew used to the new body structure that allowed him to leap over walls and jump from building to building
  • All the while, Vin thought he was OreSeur
  • After his master Zane was killed, TenSoon was freed from his Contract
  • During this time, TenSoon also revealed to Vin the kandra Secret – that kandra could be controlled by a Mistborn
  • To his surprise, when he was freed and identified himself as TenSoon, Vin didn’t hold any animosity towards him
  • At the end of The Well Of Ascension, the second book, TenSoon returned to the kandra Homeland to face judgment for murdering OreSeur
  • He was imprisoned by the Second Generation for a year but after sentencing, he was able to escape in the wolfhound’s body
  • TinSoon retained possession of Kelsier’s bones and played a large role in The Hero of Ages, the third book, when he imitated Kelsier and rallied armies to fight against King Pinrod to gain Luthadel  back


  • A Terrisman Keeper, he worked closely with Kelsier in the overthrow of the Final Empire

Who He Was

  • Played by Lance Reddick or Peter Mensah
    Played by Lance Reddick or Peter Mensah (left to right)

    Sazed was a Keeper from Terris, a Feruchemist, scholar of religions and a rebel amongst his order – the Synod

  • He was made a eunuch at a very young age by the Lord Ruler so he couldn’t reproduce
  • He worked closely with Kelsier in the Skaa Rebellion
  • As steward to Lord Renoud, he acted as Vin’s mentor and teacher and groomed her to become Lady Valette Renoux
  • During The Well of Ascension, the second book, he fell in love with a fellow Keeper named Tindwyl
  • After her death during the Siege of Luthadel, Sazed began to 200px-Sazeddoubt his religions and usefulness in life
  • He refused to wear his metalminds and was convinced that all religion was a lie and refused to lead the Terris people living above the Pits of Hathsin
  • All throughout The Hero of Ages, the third book, he tried to rediscover his religion
  • This lead him to the kandra Homeland where he interviewed the First Generation and discovered that the kandra were actually Terrismen at one time
  • At the end of The Hero of Ages, the third book, Sazed absorbed the power of Preservation and Ruin, becoming Harmony and restoring the world to the way it was before the Ascension, through use of knowledge recorded in his copperminds
  • There were subtle hints throughout The Hero of Ages indicating that Sazed was the said Hero of Ages
  • He made Spook Mistborn and healed the damage he did to his body by flaring tin

 Physical Description

  • Because he was a Keeper, Sazed always wore bracelets around his wrists and hooped earrings

  • It was in these bracers that he stored his knowledge and drew from it later


  • He was extremely loyal to the Skaa Rebellion even after Kelsier died
  • He was also a very faithful friend to many of Kelsier’s crew after the Fall


  • Terriswoman Keeper

Who She Was

  • Played by Zoe Saldana
    Played by Zoe Saldana

    Tindwyl was a Keeper of Terris and a member of the Synod

  • She spent 30 years of her life voluntarily working for the breeders, successfully transmitting Feruchemy to the next generation (Chapter 37 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • Tindwyl had at least twenty children, each with a different father – she had her first child when she was 14 and spent her entire life being taken repeatedly by strange men until she became pregnant (Chapter 30 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • She was sent by Sazed to coach King Elend on the proper way to be and act like a king
  • Her specialty was biographies, as she coached many kings in proper attire, mannerisms, speech and physical presentationTendwyl
  • She joined Sazed in translating the journal of Alendi and became romantically involved with Sazed
  • During the Siege of Luthadel, she was placed in charge of the Tin Gate as a back-up commander by Dockson, who did not trust the young commanders placed in charge to stand their ground
  • She was then killed by koloss when they stormed the city



  • skaa leader of the skaa rebellion

Who He Was

  • Yeden was the leader of the Skaa Rebellion before Kelsier took charge
  • He was placed as the interim general of the skaa army by Kelsier
  • He died in the Massacre of Holstep where he lead the majority of the skaa army against the Holstep Garrison

Physical Description

  • He was an unassuming man; was short with curly brown hair (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)
  • He dressed in simple gray skaa clothing and a patched, soot-stained brown worker’s coat (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)


  • He regarded his surroundings with a look of disapproval but was nowhere nearly as openly hostile as Clubs (Chapter 4 in Mistborn)


  • “Lady Valette Renoux”, “Heir to the Survivor”, “Empress”, “Ascendant Warrior” or “Mother” – a skaa Mistborn recruited by Kelsier in the Skaa Rebellion

Who She Was

  • Young Vin played by Ellen Page or Holly Taylor
    Young Vin played by Ellen Page or Holly Taylor (left to right)

    Vin is the main protagonist of the Mistborn Trilogy

  • Her mother was a skaa prostitute, the mistress of her father, who was an Obligator named Tevidian Tekiel
  • Her father was the former Head Prelan (head Obligator over the Canton of Orthodoxy, given charge over all other Cantons) and was executed by Inquisitors
  • Vin scarcely knew her father, due to her existence being illegal under the Lord Ruler’s law
  • After her mother murdered her younger sister (who was a seeker), she and her older half-brother Reen ran away
  • The one item Vin kept from her mother was an earring that she always wore but didn’t know why
  • Older Vin played by Mila Kunis
    Older Vin played by Mila Kunis

    She and Reen traveled from city to city working for the Skaa Underground as thieves

  • Reen beat Vin if she wasn’t quiet and unobtrusive or if she did anything to jeopardize their survival
  • He taught her to be suspicious, even paranoid and to do whatever was necessary to survive
  • Because of this treatment, she became emotionally frail and had an astoundingly low sense of self-worth
  • Reen supposedly deserted her and left her to fend for herself among the thieving crew
  • Vin later discovered that Reen had not in fact deserted her but was keeping Inquisitors away from her and hiding Vin’s existence
  • Reen was killed as he was fleeing
  • Vin continued to hear Reen’s voice in her head throughout the Mistborn Trilogy.  It was later revealed that the voice she heard was actually Ruin – who was able to speak to her through Hemalurgy because of the earring that pierced her ear
  • At the beginning of Mistborn, the first book, Vin was a very untrusting girl growing up in Luthadel in the Central Dominance

  • She knew that she was special in that she had what she called “luck” (the ability to sooth emotions by burning brass) to help her survive in the thieving crew that she was in
  • While working for a crewleader named Camon, Kelsier found her and helped her discover her Mistborn abilities
  • She was 16 years old when she was discovered by Kelsier
  • As a part of Kelsier’s crew, Vin was groomed by Sazed to become Lady Valette Renoux
  • As Lady Valette, she spied on the nobility during balls and learned of ways Kelsier could infiltrate them
  • She fell in love with Elend Venture and remained by his side after the Fall of the Lord Ruler, becoming Impress when he became King
  • She was one of the most powerful, skillful and feared Mistborn ever known
  • 3e733345c6ecfed361885d17f4e66f33As a Mistborn, she could pierce copperclouds (through usage of the earring she received from her mother) with Hemalurgically that increased her abilities to sense other Allomancers
  • She had great skill with most other metals and could make use of duralumin to control kolosskandra and potentially Steel Inquisitors – although due to Ruin’s influence this was never possible
  • As Preservation’s chosen successor, she drew power from the mists and used this ability to kill the Lord Ruler and defeat thirteen Inquisitors at another time
  • Vin could only do this, however, when she was not wearing her earring, as Ruin was able to block her connection to the mists thanks to the earring’s Hemalurgic properties
  • Vin was more powerful than most Mistborn, coming from a “pure lineage”
  • Although first generation Mistborn (such as the Lord Ruler) had greater raw power
  • She could push and pull on metals and Soothe and Riot with a higher degree of power than any other Mistborn
  • She had great control of Ironpulls and Steelpushes, using horseshoes to fly forward indefinitely
  • She was able to defeat Ham during a training session using only pewter and was able to win many fights in this manner
  • Through much of the series, Vin was thought to be the Hero of Ages but eventually it was revealed that she was not
  • While this title was common, both Alendi and the Lord Ruler claiming it, the only true Hero of Ages was Sazed
  • The idea of Vin being the Hero of Ages was really an elaborate plot by Ruin to achieve his freedom
  • Ruin altered the texts of the Terris religion, making it appear as if Alendi and later Vin, were the Hero
  • Vin used her increased seeking ability to find the Well of Ascension, then Ruin used the altered texts to trick Vin into freeing him


  • During The Hero of Ages, the third book, Vin absorbed all of the mists and became Preservation
  • After Ruin arranged for the death of Elend, Vin used her new power as Preservation to kill Ruin, which also resulted in her own death
  • Sazed then absorbed the power from the bodies of Vin and Ruin and gained goodhood, becoming The Hero of Ages and Harmony
  • Sazed hinted at his ability to return Vin back to life later on when he learned more about his new powers
  • In the years following the Final Ascension, she became a mythical figure to the descendants of the survivors, known as the Ascendant Warrior

 Physical Description

  • She was slight of frame and barely five feet tall (Chapter 1 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • She had dark hair which she kept cut short until she joined the skaa rebellion


  • in a window
    One of Vin’s favorite perches

    At times, she seemed frail as a child and at other times, she killed an Inquisitor. She could be fascinating and frightening at the same time (Chapter 53 in The Hero Of Ages)

  • In addition to her Allomantic abilities, Vin possessed great resourcefulness and cunning – attributes gained from her time on the streets of Luthadel
  • She was naturally suspicious of others due to the circumstances of her upbringing and slow to trust people out of fear of being betrayed
  • She initially attempted to make herself seem irrelevant or hide when she was uncomfortable or anxious and prefered solitude to the company of others, because of the belief instilled in her that no one can betray her if she was alonevin painting
  • Often she was alert and watchful, having a tendency to perch on things or sit in places where she could best monitor her surroundings
  • Vin was also uncomfortable with having the attention of others, preferring to go hidden and unnoticed
  • This put her in an awkward position with the Church of the Survivor, as she displayed obvious discomfort as being revered as the Lady Heir
  • She had a strong sense for danger and was able to read a battle situation quickly, such as when she defeated Cett’s assassins
  • She demonstrated a willingness to try innovative battle techniques, such as turning off her atium early to lull Shan (another Mistborn) into fatal overconfidence, as well as when she defeated Zane, who was burning atium


  • a skaa thief, Vin’s brother

Who He Was

  • 5c3aceff2142026f41dcace98fa51b0aReen was Vin’s older half-brother (they had the same mother) who looked after, protected, trained and raised her as a thief in the Skaa Underground
  • He and Vin traveled together along the waterways with skaa canal crews and lived with thieving crews
  • Reen beat Vin if she wasn’t quiet and unobtrusive or if she did anything to jeopardize their survival
  • He taught her to be suspicious (even paranoid) and to do whatever was necessary to survive
  • Vin and Reen avoided attention by living in the Skaa Underworld, rarely spending more than a year in one place
  • Reen had always threatened that he would leave and finally disappeared when Vin was around 16, leaving her with Camon and his thieving crew
  • Vin always thought that he had escaped to leave her to fend for herself; however, she later learned that he actually had saved her by leading Inquisitors away from her who had been looking for her
  • In the end, Vin realized Reen loved her


  • Although he was brutal and unforgiving, he saved Vin from Inquisitors who were looking to kill her

Elend Venture

  • “King Elend Venture” – a Mistborn and heir to house Venture

Who He Was

  • Played by Aaron Ashmore, Andrew Garfield or Max Thieriot
    Played by Aaron Ashmore, Andrew Garfield or Max Thieriot (from left to right)

    Elend was a nobleman and heir to the prestigious House Venture

  • He never met his real mother and through his father, Lord Straff Venture (a tineye Misting), he had many half-skaa brothers and sisters he had never met
  • Straff Venture had sired many secret offspring with the hope of creating a Mistborn – and finally did when Elend’s brother Zane was born
  • Elend, however, was born with no Allomatic abilities
  • As a child in an attempt to Snap and awaken potential Allomantic abilities, Elend was beaten as his father watched
  • Unfortunately, it was all for nothing as Elend didn’t inherit any Allomancy from his father but was still raised as his father’s heir

Young Elend (left) and Elend when Vin met him (right)

  • He met Vin at a ball while she was in the guise of Lady Vallete Renoux
  • During the Skaa Rebellion and after the fall of the Final Empire, he managed to calm the people and convince them that blindly killing nobles would only cause chaos
  • His idealism and belief that the skaa should be free, along with his noble blood allowed him to become the new king
  • After, he became King, he married Vin
  • During the second book while at the Well of Ascension, Elend became a Mistborn
  • In the third book as a Mistborn, he was extremely powerful and was able to command armies of koloss as many as 30,000 strong
  • Elend and Vin conquered most of the Final Empire with the hope of finding special storage caches the Lord Ruler left behind, left with messages on how to fight Ruin
  • Elend died at the hands of Marsh near the end of the third book after gathering an army of Allomancers
  • Just before his death, he burned duralumin and atium at the same time
  • This gave him a vast wealth of knowledge and a long glimpse of the future

Vin and Elend together at a ball (left) and King Elend and Empress Vin (right)

 Physical Description


  • He had brown hair like his father and brother (Chapter 18 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • During the first book, he was 21 years old, somewhat sarcastic and rebellious and was a scholar at heart (Chapter 26 in Mistborn)
  • While he was living in House Venture, he wore his clothes without pride, usually loosely with an unbuttoned shirt


  • When he first met Vin, Elend was a sarcastic person, sitting by her at balls and reading
  • He was a scholar at heart and she fell in love with his sarcastic, obnoxious attitude
  • Elend had a rebellious streak, doing ridiculous things merely to tick off his father Elend Venture by RobinNaira
  • Elend was a forgetful scholar – twice as bad as Sazed ever was. He would get lost in his books and forget about meetings he himself called (Chapter 53 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • As he was being groomed to look “kingly”, he only dressed with any sense of fashion because Tendwyl had bought him a new wardrobe (Chapter 53 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • During the third book, war had changed him some but on the inside, he was still just a dreamer caught in a world with too much violence (Chapter 53 in The Hero Of Ages)

Lord Straff Venture

  • King Straff Venturea nobleman “Tineye”Misting who burned tin to enhance his senses and Lord of House Venture

Who He Was

  • Played by Brian Cox, Danny Huston or John Noble (left to right)
    Played by Brian Cox, Danny Huston or John Noble (left to right)

    Straff was Elend’s father, one of the most powerful noblemen in the Final Empire before the Fall

  • House Venture was in charge of mining for atium at the Pits of Hathsin
  • Straff had other less important sons other than Elend and Zane (Chapter 18 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • Because of Straff’s rank as a nobleman, he would take skaa women as sex slaves, usually killing them as soon as he had no use for them; he never had a monogamous marriage
  • Straff had many mistresses and many children; the more children were born, the more likely it was that one of them would be a Misting or a Mistborn (Chapter 27 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • Because of his habit of taking many skaa women as mistresses, he had one son (Zane) 7bc03ab9770138059eac9e47c7f38e52who was a Mistborn
  • Straff disliked Elend and would have appointed his nephew as his heir if possible. Though hesitant to have his son killed because of his fear of the Lord Ruler, he eventually conspired with House Elariel to have Elend  killed.  However, Vin intervened and saved Elend
  • On the day of the Fall of the Final Empire, Straff and most of the other nobles of House Venture fled Luthadel, in part because of the skaa uprising but also in fear of the Lord Ruler’s anger when he heard about Kelsier’s destruction of the atium at the Pits of Hathsin
  • After the Lord Ruler was killed by Vin, Straff took control of his homeland, the Northern Dominance and decided he wanted to be king
  • He marched to Luthadel with his army and surrounded the city, beginning the Siege of Luthadel
  • He was eventually killed by Vin during the Siege of Luthadel

 Physical Description

  • He was a tall, large man with brown hair, firm of figure with a commanding posture (Chapters 18 and 26 in The Well Of Ascension)


  • Straff was known for his extreme arrogance and dismissive attitude towards skaa
  • He was a crafty, deceitful, harsh, careful, manipulative man who knew how to plan for years to get what he wanted (Chapter 26 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He was a perfect imperial nobleman; ruthless, clever and infatuated with power (Chapter 26 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He liked powerful tools, always kept a kandra and had a history of associating with dangerous Allomancers – believing that he could control them (Chapter 26 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He was fond of skaa brothels and liked how strong he felt by taking a girl while knowing that she would be killed for his passion; he kept several dozen mistresses and killed them if they didn’t please him (Chapter 26 in The Well Of Ascension)

Zane Venture

  • The Watcher” – a Mistborn from House Venture

Who He Was

  • Played by Garrett Hedlund, Iwan Rheon or Sam Underwood (left to right)
    Played by Garrett Hedlund, Iwan Rheon or Sam Underwood (left to right)

    Zane was Elend’s half-brother; Straff was their father

  • Zane was one of many half-skaa who was fathered by Straff because he wanted to have a Mistborn under his control
  • Zane was the Mistborn Straff Venture wanted and therefore was one of the most deadliest characters in the Mistborn series
  • Straff kept Zane hidden, which forced Zane to live a life of near squalor while Elend had been privileged (Chapter 18 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • This led to Zane’s intense hatred and jealousy of Elend
  • Zane had a Hemalurgic spike (just like an Inquisitor) that stuck out of his back just between the shoulder blades – the head was against his sternum and couldn’t be seen beneath clothing (Chapter 47 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • His Hemalurgic spike was made of Allomatic steelZane
  • This gave him extra power with Pushing on metals. It lent his extremely great precision (Hero of Ages Q&A)
  • Because of his harsh upbringing, the Hemalurgic spike and lack of meaningful human companionship, Zane was an unstable person
  • He heard the voice of the god Ruin (his constant companion) that spoke in his head every time he saw a person; usually this voice would tell him to kill someone (Chapter 18 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • Zane never obeyed the voice of Ruin because he didn’t want his insanity to control him (Chapter 18 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • Zane did a good job of hiding his insanity, most of the time – yet it still lurked there, beneath the surface (Chapter 39 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He thought he was crazy because of the psychotic voice in his head, not knowing about the nature of Hemalurgy
  • Hooded ZaneHe had some feelings for Vin because she was the only one the voice in his head would not command him to kill
  • He eventually asked her to abandon her current love Elend and be with him
  • When she decided to remain with Elend, he attacked with deadly force shouting that she was supposed to help him regain his sanity
  • When she managed to defeat him, just before his death, Ruin let him know he was never really insane

 Physical Description

  • He had curly brown hair like his father and brother, although he was shorter than Elend (Chapter 18 and chapter 17 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He had a lean face, wiry build and was of medium height – he often wore black (Chapter 17 in The Well of Ascension)


  • Because of the Hemalurgic spike that made him hear Ruin’s voice, Zane was a very unstable person and exhibited insane behaviors, such as cutting himself

Shan Elariel

  • a noblewoman Mistborn from House Elariel

Who She Was

  • Played by Ashley Greene or Jennifer Lawrence (left to right)
    Played by Ashley Greene or Jennifer Lawrence (left to right)

    Although Shan was a full Mistborn, she hid her abilities from others

  • Shan was betrothed to Elend Venture by their parents, though Elend did not want to marry her and neglected her in the hope that the engagement would be called off
  • Shan later attempted to kill Elend with the cooperation of Straff Venture
  • Vin discovered the plot and arrived as the assassins were approaching
  • When she saw Shan, she realized the noblewoman was actually a Mistborn
  • When Vin tried to flee, Shan chased her
  • After an extended battle, Vin tricked Shan (who was burning atium) and killed her with an arrow

  Physical Description

  • She was beautiful and elegant


  • Shan was known as one of the most arrogant of the young nobles
  • She spent much of her time deriding, insulting and demeaning her peers
  • There were rumors among the nobles that Shan was a soother. She often used the power to manipulate less powerful nobles.  She was able to convince them to do what she wanted and keep them in fear and awe of her

Lord Ashweather Cett

  • nobleman Lord of House Cett who lived in Fadrex City

Who He Was

  • Stephen Fry as Lord Ashweather Cett
    Played by Stephen Fry

    Cett was the self nominated king of the Western Dominance after the Fall of the Final Empire

  • Although known as King Cett, he ruled no land, for they were still in rebellion
  • He lived in the city of Fadrex but suffered a rebellion from its people
  • He escaped Fadrex with an army and made a desperate play for Luthadel
  • During the Well of Ascension, he marched on Luthadel fearing Lord Staff Venture would capture the city and its fabled atium cache
  • He eventually joined with Elend’s forces at the end of the Siege, helping Vin fight Straff Venture and earning himself a place of trust as one of Elend’s advisors
  • He then joined Elend at the Siege of Fadrex City
  • Although Cett had a wife, her name was never mentioned
  • He and his wife had a daughter, Allrianne (a Rioter Misting) and a son, Gneorndin

Physical Description

  • He had a bristling beard (Chapter 31 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • He was crippled from a disease since childhood, which rendered his legs useless (Chapter 32 in The Well Of Ascension and Chapter 36 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • To get around, he was carried on a chair by his servants


  • He had a loud voice – unapologetic and forceful (Chapter 32 in The Well Of Ascension)
  • So much about what the crippled man did was about posturing. Because he couldn’t physically intimidate people, he found other ways to make himself threatening.  He knew how to hit where it hurt.  He could pick at the very faults that bothered people and exploit their virtues in ways that were rarely seen even in accomplished Soothers (Chapter 27 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • Because of his prowess of manipulation and his ability to almost control people’s emotions, he was thought to be a Soother. However, this was found to be untrue – but it re-enforced the fact that he had a very commanding ability and knowledge of dealing with emotions

Allarianne Cett

  • a noblewoman “Rioter” Misting who burned zinc to riot emotions, from House Cett

Who She Was

  • 1d152c8c017a9350576b8a192d367abbAllarianne was Lord Cett’s only daughter
  • She was raised in the country in a small town of Fadrex but still possessed noble skills she learned from her mother
  • She ran away from her father’s camp and sought refuge with King Elend during the Siege of Luthadel
  • In The Hero Of Ages, she accompanied Breeze wherever he went and became romantically involved with him

 Physical Description

  • She was about 18 years old, has long, light hair and was somewhat “plump” (Chapter 21 in The Well of Ascension)


  • She was very stubborn
  • She enjoyed wearing bright and lacy clothes and attempted to bond with Vin over a shopping trip in Luthadel with Tindwyl (Chapter 10 in The Hero of Ages and Chapter 25 in The Well of Ascension)
  • Being an emotional Allomancer, Allrianne was very perceptive, and even commented on how Breeze was a good man (Chapter 50 in The Well of Ascension)

Gneorndin Cett

  • a nobleman from House Cett

Who He Wasbb8b3681eec79df968f71024f08b7350

  • Gneorndin was Lord Cett’s only son
  • He was not an Allomancer
  • He was about Spook’s age (Chapter 32 in The Well Of Ascension)


  • Gneorndin seemed to have a strong protective instinct for his family
  • He disliked Breeze for being in a relationship with his sister, Allrianne, who was much younger than Breeze (Chapter 32 in The Well of Ascension)
  • When Vin threatened his father’s life, Gneorndin attempted to protect Cett despite his lack of powers and fear of Vin’s abilities
  • The bravery that such an action required was incredible (Chapter 43 in The Well of Ascension)

Jastes Lekal

  • King Jastes” – a nobleman and heir to House Lekal

Who He Was

  • Jastes was one of Elend’s closest friends and compatriots before the Fall of the Final Empire (Chapter 51 in The Well of Ascension)
  • He and Elend planned to become political allies upon the inheritance of their respective noble houses (Chapter 51 in The Well of Ascension)
  • His uncle was King Audil Lekal (Chapter 4 in The Hero of Ages)
  • Before The Fall, he and Elend often talked politics and philosophy together with their other friend Telden
  • After the CollapseJastes escaped to the Southern Dominance (Chapter 42 in The Well of Ascension)
  • The lives of some of his family members, including his sister, were lost during skaa uprisings (Chapter 42 in The Well of Ascension)
  • This was at least in part due to the fact that he tried to implement several of Elend’s ideas in governing his lands, such as freedom and political honesty, which was seen as a sign of weakness and led to him losing control (Chapter 42 in The Well of Ascension)
  • As a result, many of his family members were culled off by the new rulers when they took control (Chapter 42 in The Well of Ascension)
  • He became mentally unstable and recruited an army of koloss by paying them with fake wooden coins (Chapter 51 in The Well of Ascension)
  • He arrived during the later part of the Siege of Luthadel in an attempt to find the Lord Ruler’s cache of atium (Chapter 51 in The Well of Ascension)
  • After losing control over his koloss army due to an unforeseen event, Jastes escaped into the Terris mountains (Chapter 51 in The Well of Ascension)
  • He was eventually caught and executed by Elend Venture (Chapter 51 in The Well of Ascension)

 Physical Description

  • Although he was around Elend’s age, he was balding and short of stature


  • The Citizen” – the self appointed ruler of Urteau

Who He Was


  • Quellion was Belre’s brother
  • He set himself up as ruler of Urteau after the Fall
  • He considered himself a pure follower of the Survivor and tried to uphold Kelsier’s injunction to overthrow and execute the nobility
  • Although he was of noble blood and his sister was a Misting, Quellion demanded the execution of the nobles and Mistings of Urteau
  • As the governing officer in the city of Urteau, Quellion wore red-dyed skaa trousers and work shirts in order to portray a simple, humble appearance (Chapter 16 in The Hero of Ages)
  • However, he demanded that everyone else in Urteau dressed in gray clothing (Chapter 16 in The Hero of Ages)
  • Hemalurgic bronze spike – that gave him the ability to Push on metals – was placed in Quellion’s upper arm at an unknown time (Chapter 58 in The Hero of Ages)
  • Ruin appeared to Quellion in the image of Kelsier (Chapter 58 in The Hero of Ages)
  • As a result, Quellion’s policies destroyed the government and economy of Urteau (Chapter 58 in The Hero of Ages)
  • Quellion was eventually overthrown by Spook, who found and removed his and Quellion’s spike, thus ending Ruin’s power over Urteau (Chapter 58 in The Hero of Ages)


  • Quellion’s sister, a “Coinshot” Misting who used steel to Push on metals1f8252a8fe83df1aa448a9e77c6e0b39

Who She Was

  • Spook discovered Beldre during his spying mission on Urteau
  • She was hidden by Quellion because of her Allomatic ability
  • She escaped from her brother and took refuge with Spook and his friends
  • After Quellion’s defeat, Beldre and Spook fell in love

Physical Description

  • She had deep auburn hair and green eyes (Chapter 16 in The Hero of Ages)
  • She was described by Spook as being able to wear a skaa dress with “striking elegance” (Chapter 14 in The Hero of Ages)

Lord Ferson Penrod

  • a nobleman and leader of the Assembly after the Fall of the Final Empire

Who He Was

  • Played by Charles Dance or Jonathan Pryce (left to right)
    Played by Charles Dance or Jonathan Pryce (left to right)

    In the time before the CollapsePenrod was a lesser noble in a minor house and was said to grovel before the like of Straff Venture at the parties every week, wishing to curry favor

  • He was described as a traditionalist and politically conservative, yet never speaking negatively against the skaa
  • When many other nobles left Luthadel after the Lord Ruler’s death, Penrod opted to stay and risk the possible danger, hoping to elevate his position
  • As such he was one of the more powerful noblemen remaining in Luthadel
  • He made a play for the throne, eventually succeeding in taking it away from Elend via a democratic process
  • After Elend regained the throne, Penrod was appointed as the governor of Luthadel
  • He was tasked with keeping Luthadel secure while Elend attempted to regain control of the outreaching dominances
  • Penrod succumbed to insanity after a Hemalurgic pin harvested from a copper Misting was placed in his body by Marsh, who attacked him and places it in his heart
  • As a result Luthadel fell into chaos and collapsed
  • When Vin returned to Luthadel after the Siege of Fadrex City, she passed Keep Venture and found a dead body dressed in a nobleman’s suit lying on the floor and assumed that it was Penrod’s corpse

Aradan Yomen

  • an Obligator “Seer” Misting who burned atium to see several seconds into the future, he was the appointed king who took over Fadrex City after the Fall of the Lord Ruler

Who He Was

  • SMALLVILLE Image: SM6 - 0310 Pictured: Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor Photo Credit: LORENZO AGIUS /The CW ©2006 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
    Played by Michael Rosenbaum

    Originally from Luthadel, he was the Prelan of the Canton of Resource in the Western Dominance and had his seat in Fadrex City

  • After Ashweather Cett left Fadrex to join in the Siege of Luthadel, Yomen seized the chance to appoint himself as the new king of the Western Dominance
  • He reintroduced the social structures that existed under the Lord Ruler, which did not encounter resistance because the people were used to it
  • Yomen wore a diadem with an atium bead on it to show his power and lead people to believe he was Mistborn
  • During the Siege of Fadrex City, when Elend’s army surrounded the outer walls, Yomen refused to give up and surrender
  • After Elend lost control over the koloss army and Marsh gained it, Yomen sided with Elend

 Physical Description

  • He was younger than most people expected, probably in his twenties (Chapter 30 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • He was round-faced with serious eyes and had a head that was shaved bald after the manner of Obligators (Chapter 30 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • His dark gray robes were a mark of his station, as were the complicated patterns of tattoos around his eyes, which proclaimed him a very high-ranking member of the Canton of Resource (Chapter 30 in The Hero Of Ages)


  • He spoke elegantly and sophisticated and enjoyed philosophical debate above physical conflict
  • He was a bureaucrat Obligator whose lack of muscle or warrior’s grace proved that he’d spent his life concerned with forms and records (Chapter 60 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • He had a “no-nonsense” approach to just about everything (Chapter 70 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • He saw it that problems should be dealt with quickly and directly (Chapter 70 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • He had a good mind, despite his fondness for making snap judgments (Chapter 70 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • He was not a heartless man, just a pragmatic one – his words made sense (Chapter 70 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • Yomen was the first known atium Misting which prompted the discovery of the mistfallen’s Allomantic powers


  • the Khlinni who was thought to have been the Hero of Ages


  • Alendi was the son of a blacksmith (Chapter 16 in Mistborn Epigraph)
  • As a young man, he met the Worldbringer Kwaan, who hired him as an assistant
  • After a few years together, Kwaan slowly became convinced that Alendi was the prophesied Hero of Ages
  • When Alendi himself discovered this, he encouraged the belief and actively attempted to persuade the rest of the world that it was the truth
  • To this end, he began attempting to fulfill the Terris Prophecies concerning the Hero of Ages
  • In doing so, he became a powerful ruler and spent a decade conquering the known world
  • He was famed as a great warrior and leader
  • It was years before Kwaan realized his mistake, he tried to rescind his declaration that Alendi was the Hero of Ages but by that point, it was already too late to convince the other Worldbringers
  • Out of desperation to stop Alendi, who was by this point preparing to travel to the Well of Ascension, Kwaan instructed his nephew, Rashekto do everything in his power to lead Alendi away from the Well and to kill him as a last resort
  • He was murdered by Rashek when they arrived at the Well despite the Terrisman’s best efforts
  • After killing Alendi, Rashek took the power of the Well of Ascension for himself and managed to keep Scadrial from being destroyed

Physical Desciption

  • Little of Alendi’s appearance is known, however Kwaan’s inscription did mention a few of his features
  • Kwaan said that he was very tall, towering over most others and has a bearing that demanded respect (Chapter 10 in The Well of Ascension Epigraph)
  • He also had a birthmark on his arm and his hair turned grey when he was barely twenty five, minor details which served to further convince Kwaan that he was the Hero of Ages (Chapter 29 in The Well of Ascension Epigraph)

The Lord Ruler

  • Played by Brian Van Holt, Colm Feore or Julian McMahon (left to right)
    Played by Brian Van Holt, Colm Feore or Julian McMahon (left to right)

    Rashek”, “The Sliver of Infinity” or “The Father” – the supreme ruler of the Final Empire

The Ascension

  • Rashek was born in an unnamed Terris town and was the nephew of Kwaan
  • Before the Ascension, he was a Terris packman named Rashek (Chapter 17 Mistborn)
  • Rashek believed that Alendi was not the true Hero of Ages and was resentful of him (Chapter 21 in Mistborn Epigraph)
  • He killed Alendi, the man believed at the time to be the Hero of Ages and took the power of Preservation at the Well of Ascension
  • Played by Mark Strong or Wes Bentley (left to right)
    Played by Mark Strong or Wes Bentley (left to right)

    When he took this power, Ruin was still imprisoned there

  • Having the power of Preservation, he wasn’t omniscient. He was frustrated with the new, awesome power and how to wield it properly.  He realized that he could move planets.  He pulled the planet Scadrial into what he thought was the proper orbit but he pulled too far, leaving the world cold and freezing.  He pushed it back again but his power was too vast – too terrible – for him to control properly at the time.  This left the world too hot and all life would have perished.  So he created the volcanoes and opened the ashmounts, clogging the atmosphere, turning the sun red.  In doing so, he saved the planet – but doomed it as well (Chapter 76 in The Hero Of Ages)
  • Other things the Lord Ruler did during the Ascension:
    • He created or changed microbes to break down the ash as part of their metabolic functions
    • He altered mankind so that they would survive the continuous ashfalls
    • He transformed all living Feruchemists into mistwraiths, creating the first of the species
    • He changed his most favored allies to be taller, stronger, more intelligent and less fertile to create the nobles
    • He changed his enemies into the skaa, making them shorter, hardier and more fertile
    • He converted all the Terris Worldbringers into kandra
    • He flattened the original Terris Homeland, where the Well of Ascension was and built Kredik Shaw on top of it
    • He raised mountains in the North and named the location Terris
    • He became functionally immortal, compounding both gold and atium
    • He gained knowledge of all three Metallic Arts on Scadrial, allowing him to develop the three Hemalurgic constructs that existed in the Final Empire

The Final Empire

  • He formed the Final Empire, partly as a means of revenge against the people he viewed as encroaching on download
    land and conquered the whole of the world
  • He was obsessed with order and he subjugated all but ten foreign kings who he made Mistborn and allowed them to rule over the masses (Chapter 62 in The Hero of Ages Annotation)
  • He made use of both Allomantic and Feruchemical powers in order to Compound to keep himself alive and even had Hemalurgic piercings to produce some of his most dramatic powers
  • The Lord Ruler was also called Sliver of Infinity by the people of the Final Empire
  • He created the Steel Ministry, its Inquisitors, the kandra and the koloss through use of Hemalurgy
  • The Lord Ruler said his empire would last a thousand years
  • More specifically, it had lasted 1024 years

How He Kept His Young Look

  • The Lord Ruler condensed some of the power from the Well into the metal Lerasium, which he then ingested,
    The Lord Ruler appearing at Kredik Shaw
    The Lord Ruler appearing at Kredik Shaw

    becoming a Mistborn

  • The Lord Ruler most likely spent time regularly storing age in atiumminds
  • Vin saw him doing this when she entered his secret room in Kredik Shaw just before she was captured
  • This caused the Lord Ruler to age significantly during the storing process. However, because he was also an Allomancer, he was able to swallow and burn his atiumminds. This burning presumably released a great amount of youth, many times the amount that was originally stored. This Allomantic burning of the metalminds would not work for sustained youthfulness, only for a short, magnified burst
  • Therefore, when the Lord Ruler burned the atiumminds, he stored most of the resulting youth in his metalmind bracers (the ones that Vin ripped away from him in the final fight of book one)
  • This allowed him to slowly draw on the youth stored in those metalminds, thereby allowing himself to maintain whatever state of youthfulness he desired

The Lord Ruler’s Powers

  • The Lord Ruler was able to achieve amazing effects with his powers
  • One of the Lord Ruler’s seemingly “divine” powers through his thousand year reign was his essential Allomantic strength but it was also part of each one of the original nine Allomancers
  • This was why his powers were so much stronger than those of the later Mistborn in the Final Empire, although his ability to mix Feruchemy and Allomancy was what produced many of his secret abilities
  • One time, Rashek was burned down to little more than a skeleton but regenerated in a matter of minutes
  • Another time, the Lord Ruler claimed to have been beheaded at least once

The Lord Ruler’s Defeat

  • Although this potent combination gave him incredible power, allowing him to live for a thousand years, he became utterly dependent on his metalminds and when Vin managed to Steelpush them away from him, he aged rapidly and died within a few minutes
  • Some three hundred years after his death he was remembered as the Sliver, likely referring to his claims that he was a sliver of the power of god

Physical Description

  • lord_ruler___mistborn_series_by_0osquallo0-d6e7usjHe looked like a man; dressed in a black and white uniform somewhat like a nobleman’s suit but far more exaggerated (Chapter 34 Mistborn)
  • His coat reached all the way to his feet and trailed behind him as he walked (Chapter 34 Mistborn)
  • His vest wasn’t colored but a pure black, though it was accented with brilliant white markings (Chapter 34 Mistborn)
  • His fingers glittered with rings, the symbol of his power (Chapter 34 Mistborn)
  • He was incredibly tall and handsome, with jet black hair and pale skin and seemed to be in his early 30s (Chapter 34 Mistborn)
  • He was tall, thin and confident (Chapter 34 Mistborn)


  • He was very charismatic
  • Prior to his Ascension, he disliked the people of Khlennium (an ancient race of Scadrial) and was hostile and angry towards them, despite never having been to the state, because of their oppression of the Terris people (Chapter 7 in Mistborn)
  • Although he hated them, he also envied several aspects of their culture, later incorporating them into the culture of the Final Empire (Chapter 32 in Mistborn Epigraph)


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7 thoughts on “Mistborn Reading Guide-Part XII – Characters

    1. Keep up with the Mistborn world and read Sanderson’s books Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self and The Bands of Mourning. I’ve only read the first 2 and can’t wait for the 3rd. These books continue the Mistborn trilogy 300 years after the 1st books. Thanks for reading and make sure to read all of my posts about Mistborn!

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