A True Hero – Jeremy Bitner

This is a post from my blog section “Profiles of True Heroes – Military and Law Enforcement”.  I love to go cycling.  As I started getting serious about it, I decided to name my routes after people – and who better to dedicate my routes to than the heroes in military and law enforcement?  

After completing a route, I would select a hero I had heard about and then write about them.  There are three types of people in this post: some gave their service for America and served in the armed forces.  Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  And some protected the local community and died in the line of duty.  

After their story, I included information about the route I dedicated to these heroes.  I hope you can learn more about them and gain an understanding of what they have done for us.

EPD, Officer Jeremy Bitner

This route is dedicated to Englewood Police Department officer Jeremy S. Bitner.  Jeremy was a patrol officer, Field Training Instructor and SWAT Team Member.

50ec23447226934cab3e1842a7794952Detective Bitner was born on September 25, 1972.  Previous to his law enforcement career, he served in the US Army in the Airborne Infantry and was deployed to Bosnia.  He began working in law enforcement with Elbert County Sheriff’s Office for six months before his lateral transfer to Englewood Police Department where he was a traffic officer for 8 years, a member of the Englewood PD SWAT team and a field training instructor.

According to his wife, he loved his job.  “He treated people with decency and fairness,” said Tina Bitner, “He loved his job and gave it everything he had,”

I actually had the pleasure of being pulled over by (at the time) Officer Bitner for failure to yield.  I hadn’t been pulled over in years and this was the first time I would say it was a “pleasure”.  He was very professional and courteous and let me go with just a warning.

The funeral procession

Just one week later, Bitner was conducting a traffic stop, was struck by a drunk driver and later died at Swedish Medical Center.  He left behind a wife and 2 children.  After serving time in jail, the suspect who struck Bitner was sentenced to only 10 years in prison.  It had always been Bitner’s desire to serve as a detective.  During his funeral, he was posthumously promoted to detective.  Please remember detective Bitner and his family.



Distance: 23.54 miles

Duration: 2 hours, 8 minutes

Average Pace: 11 mph

Date: 03/10/2014

On this route, I planned to continue my unfinished portion of the Highline Canal Trail. However, I lost my way and ended up turning it into a circle route. Despite the detour, it was a very pleasant ride!  I am also honored to remember Detective Bitner and remember his family and fellow officers at the Englewood Police Department.


The 2016 Jeremy Bitner 5K/10K run/walk.  The proceeds of the event went to benefit the Fallen Officer Fune to assist the families of fallen officers in Colorado






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